Roadies are the people who work behind the scene from the early hours in the morning to set up music concert, festivals and other events, when the audience is still asleep in bed, till late at night to tear down the gigs well after the punters have left the venues.

And at the end, most of the times they get rewarded with a unique piece of memorabilia, an exclusive t-shirt made for the crew, or they may collect on stage whatever is left after the concert is over, being a guitar pick, a backstage pass or a setlist.

The items listed on this website have been collected over 20 years of stage crewing and left in a storage space, forgotten in a corner.

Most of them, such backstage passes have never been used, so in nearly mint conditions; t-shirts and other clothing items on sale are all unworn and washed prior shipping. Also, setlists, guitar picks and other items have been carefully selected to offer only the best preserved.

Being for a personal memento, or for a unique gift, you can be assured all descriptions have been made to reflect the real state of every single item on sale.

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